Collab Cart

With the Collab Cart for WooCommerce plugin, users can create a collaborative cart experience, independent of the native WooCommerce Cart. They can add products to the collaborative cart (we call it the Collab Cart) and invite other registered users to add their products. When invited users add items, the cart creator can purchase items for the whole group.

Lovro Mrsic - Founder

Zvonimir Mrsic - CEO


Social eCommerce is a next step in providing superb customer experience. This is where user collaboration on single order comes into play as Collab Cart provides multiple users to coordinate their product purchases through one unified cart. This function is built as an official WooCommerce plugin and uses latest PHP, WP and Woo standards for operating functionality. The plugin itself adds buttons on product and cart views, but does so in an unobtrusive way as to support either premium, free or custom built WP themes.
Krešimir Končić
CEO of Neuralab

Gen Z become the largest and most important customer segment today. As early adopters new, disruptive solutions and technology influence on further market trends is even more powerful.

We, the members of Gen Z, have a responsibility to engage our knowledge, creativity, experience, energy in the process of shaping our future. Opportunities are unlimited.

Collab cart is start up with the mission to offer solutions for social commerce make the customer experience much more interactive.

Our intention is to create the social aspect of a day out at the mall in collaborative online shopping.

Strategic, solution-driven senior executive with a passion for relationship building and partnering with clients to deliver outstanding business results for the organization. Proven achievements in the food and pharma industries. Extensive business background in international, multi-cultural environments.

Areas of expertise in entering and developing new markets, international business development and increasing business results. Due to my rich professional background, my strengths include honed strategic orientation accompanied by a highly results and solution-focused approach to business. Proven ability to identify and seize business opportunities externally, in addition to driving the internal transformation of the organization to ensure it remains competitive. Well-tempered approach to people, being a recognized leader of others. Recognized as a highly results and solution-oriented top executive with a collaborative approach and strong business partnering mindset.

A passionate leader with a first-class experience and a track record of successful management. Ensure that ambitious objectives and expectations are delivered and maintained.