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With the Collab Cart for WooCommerce plugin, users can create a collaborative cart experience, independent of the native WooCommerce Cart. They can add products to the collaborative cart (we call it the Collab Cart) and invite other registered users to add their products. When invited users add items, the cart creator can purchase items for the whole group.

Webshop benefits

Customer acquisition

New customers will be acquire without cost with invitation sent by Collab Cart admin to joint her/him in shopping

Competitive advantage

Webshop with Collab Cart will be more attractive and convenient for the shopper - offer new functionality without rising complexity;

Decrease refunds rate

Before the customer decides to return they will try to exchange with other participants in the common basket

Operating cost cutting

Decreasing numbers of packages and in some time increasing numbers of items and value in single order will have a positive impact on operational complexity and cost

Decrease churn rate

Within the group, collaborators will encourage each other for a new ordering cycle, discuss some of compliance, resolve it and lowering unsatisfactory customer experience.

Increase value of an individual purchase

Reducing shipping costs for an individual customer she/he will convert that money into extra items or more expensive one.

Increase value of basket - Average purchase value

Instead of one shopper, two or more will order in a single purchasing process a few items. The Value of a Collab cart will be two or more times valuable compared to an ordinary cart / basket.

Reactivation (re-engage) customer

With discount or award webshop hasa direct channel to engage collab cart admin in reactivation activities customers who previously purchased goods and services from the webshop

Increase brand loyalty by creating webshop advocates

An individual customer (Collab Cart administrator) will convince others to buy in order to reduce shipping costs. Furthermore, he/she will become an advocate for that webshop and the opportunities it provides

Increasing purchase frequency rate- savings

In shipping costs a customer will convert in to new purchases and will place new order more frequently

Prolong customer lifetime by creating Community

The communication of the participants of each common basket is encouraged with the idea to become a small loyall shopping community. It will help to prolong customer lifetime with potential for web shops to create communication and activities for a group of shoppers / customers.

Customer benefits

Consumer will not walk alone

Online shopping will restore the experience of shopping together with someone (friends or family members);

Reducing the complexity of the purchase

Easy-to-purchase from the webshop, simplified buying processes - cooperation within a commonly shared basket helps new customers and unskilled customers to make the purchase easier and less stressful.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in retaining customers. Collab cart will help webshops build up better customer satisfaction.

Greater purchasing power

The shopper will save money on shipping costs (reduce it or reach the threshold for free shipping). The customer will feel more powerful - will have the opportunity to spend/invest the whole budget in desired goods, not waste money for shipping;

Customer experience (CX)

Collaboration with friends and family members will create a brand new impression of online shopping. The shopper will have opportunities to discuss, exchange opinions, and take part in the decision-making process of what is the best suitable item for someone in collaborative shopping. This represents a totally new level of web shopping customer experience;
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MRAK Usluge, Strategy



Social eCommerce is a next step in providing superb customer experience. This is where user collaboration on single order comes into play as Collab Cart provides multiple users to coordinate their product purchases through one unified cart. This function is built as an official WooCommerce plugin and uses latest PHP, WP and Woo standards for operating functionality. The plugin itself adds buttons on product and cart views, but does so in an unobtrusive way as to support either premium, free or custom built WP themes.
Krešimir Končić
CEO of Neuralab